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Head of Academy Welcome!

It is with honor and great delight that we open the Swim Right Academy in the Michael-Ann Russell JCC. Together, we hope to bring the swimming culture of South Florida to a whole new level by implementing a variety of swimming programs for kids of all ages. While safety stays a main mission of our academy, we will implement the values of the professional sport into our programs.

Therefore, we will not only ensure that our little students become friends with water, but also help them gain confidence, motivation, ability to conquer their fears, and the ability to compete and eventually become the best version of themselves.

​Swimming can be a superpower that our kids can develop and, most importunely, enjoy. Our job is only to help them and prepare them for the deep, yet exciting, waters of life.​



Lenny Krayzelburg
4-time Olympic Champion

All doors to swimming and beyond

From Safe to Right, Fast and eventually The Fastest!

SwimRight Academy’s Method is designed to create a path for any child to not only learn how to swim, yet how to implement the skills and values shared at the elite sports environment to real life situations.

We teach our kids to trust themselves, become confident, focused, inspired, result-driven and self-disciplined by placing them in an environment where they can potentially unlock any swimming opportunities and use them to their advantage.


SwimRight Academy was founded in 2005 in

Los Angeles, CA by 4-time Olympic Gold medalist, Lenny Krayzelburg. Since our inception we have taught tens of thousands of kids water safety and the importance of knowing how to swim. ​

Today, SwimRight Academy has expanded and is represented in numerous locations around the US, with the sixth one just opened in Miami in June 2021.

Facility and Partnership with the MARJCC

SwimRight Academy is delighted to announce the partnership with the Michael-Ann Russell JCC. Together, we will be fully dedicated to make our community safe, joyful, and strive for excellence.