(ak’wa iK’splorer/ noun)
1. A person who explores unfamiliar waters; an adventurer, knowledge seeker and waterman or waterwoman.

What is it?

The Aqua Explorers is a weekly Specialty Camp offered at JCamp in partnership with the SwimRight Academy. With safety being the priority, our mission is to provide your children with a super fun and enriching swim camp experience. The Aqua Explorers will traverse the world of water while learning important life-long skills along the way. We will explore a wide range of aquatic activities such as daily swimming lessons, water games, water sports and water safety education. Our goal is to stimulate children's love and respect for water while having a blast!

Why is Aqua Explorers awesome?

Aqua Explorers is hands down the most unique "swim camp" in Los Angeles. Unlike most programs, Aqua Explorers get to experience the other side of life in water. Through group swim lessons, fun activities, discussions, water sports, and games, children obtain life-long lessons in everything aquatic you don't learn in traditional swim lessons or swim camps (see crazy long activity list below). Swimming is a gift for life!

Who is it for?

Children grades K-8 are welcome to enroll in Aqua Explorers swim camp as long as the participant is comfortable in the water and able to learn in a group swim class setting. Each week of Aqua Explorers is specifically designed for different ages and swimming abilities. Please let us know if you have any questions. (Please see age/ability chart below.)

Safety is paramount

Did we mention that all Aqua Explorer Swim Instructors are Certified American Red Cross Lifeguards? Safety is our most important goal every day throughout swim camp. We maintain an in the water instructor-to-student ratio of at least 1:4 with the addition of staff and out-of-water lifeguards as needed. All Aqua Explorer Staff are trained and certified by the SwimRight Academy in partnership with Focus Health, a National Provider of American Red Cross training courses. SwimRight Academy Lifeguards also participate in in-service emergency trainings throughout the year.

Aqua Explorer pillars

  • Safety: Aqua Explorers understand that water safety is paramount.
  • Support: Aqua Explorers always support each other through teamwork, hard work, and communication.
  • Strength: Aqua Explorers live in the water, and thus must train to do so.

Possible activities

Swimming lessons, water safety education, water games, exercise, marine science, water balloons, fun, paddling, back floats, snorkeling, diving, pool surfing, water sports, confidence boosting, treading, stroke development, water polo, basic first aid training, teamwork, water volleyball, inflatables, custom tie-dye shirts, underwater photos, Jr. Lifeguard Training, stand up paddleboarding, bumper boats, etc.

Age / ability chart

When is it?

JCamp begins June 11th - August 10th
Total Time: 9am - 3pm
Specialty Programs run 9:15am - 12:15pm
Note: Early and After Care available


"Water is Life. Let’s learn how to live in it."


$450 per week - Non WJCC member
$425 per week - WJCC Member
Early Care 7:30am - 9:00am: $75/week or $15/day
After Care 3:00pm - 6:00pm: $90/week or $20/day
Both - $140 /week
4th of July Camp: $50 reduced rate for holiday closure

Discount Specials:

Register by May 15th $15 off per week!


Our core purpose is to teach and inspire everyone to be water safe!

SwimRight is an impressive institution. It's an understatement to say it's a well-oiled machine. They focus on safety with their swimmers, and our 5-month-old loves her classes. This is one of the only places in LA that will teach infants, and they do a great job. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. We love it here!  Stephanie W

 We are very pleased with the clean and modern facilities, well-designed program of instruction, and emphasis on safety.  The progressive program of advancement (as signified by swim cap color) really works for my kids, who are very goal-oriented.  My children each take private lessons once a week.  Our instructors are very dedicated, conscientious and caring.  They make sure that the child has truly mastered a particular swim skill before earning their achievement sticker.  Andrew B

OMG!!!! LOVE this place :)) My baby and I go to the infant swim class and it's so much fun. The instructors are all super cool, the place is clean, reasonably priced, the water is uber warm (90 degrees) and best of all saline (not chlorine). The highlight of our week!!!  Ed F

I personally love SwimRight Academy! They have wonderful and friendly staff working there, plus a clean, large pool. I enjoy going there with my daughter and son. My kids love their coaches, they are sweet, kind, and very professional! Lusya S

SwimRight Academy offers extremely talented and amazing instructors who work well with children at all ages and skill levels. We highly recommend this swim school. It has boosted our daughter's self esteem and confidence to excel at this sport. We have really enjoyed our lessons and have been going for 5 years now. My daughters (ages 5 and 7) now swim better than me!!!  Melissa M