Group Swimming Lessons
for Kids

The ideal lesson structure for children who are in the Floaters level or above.

The SwimRight Method

Our Learn-to-Swim program features 8 levels in the SwimRight® Method that was developed by Lenny Krayzelburg and his staff.

Level 1. Splashers

Objective: To introduce the students to the pool environment and have them become familiar and comfortable in the water. To introduce assisted submersion, launch, back float, and roll to back float skills.

Level 2. Floaters

Objective: To establish an unlimited comfort level while in a back float and to increase awareness in the water. To learn the independent back float with proper rotation and begin basic kicking. To pass survival test 1.

Level 3. Kickers

Objective: To achieve complete independence and confidence in the water. To obtain awareness of the environment and the ability to move around the pool independently with correct body position and kicking. To pass survival test 2.

Level 4. Rollers

Objective: To learn rotational drills while maintaining correct body position and proper kicking. To introduce arm stroke drills for freestyle and backstroke.

Level 5. Streamliners

Objective: To further develop rotational drills in a streamline position while maintaining a proper kick. To master catch up stroke for freestyle and backstroke switch drill. To introduce kicking for breaststroke and butterfly.

Level 6. Freestylers

Objective: To focus on correct breathing and body positioning for freestyle and backstroke. To further develop strong kicking for breaststroke and butterfly. To ensure swimmer no longer needs hands-on instruction.

Level 7. Gliders

Objective: To solidify proper technique for full freestyle and backstroke. To continue to develop breaststroke and butterfly strokes through a series of drills. To introduce starts and turns.
Breaststroke Kick
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Level 8. Flyers

Objective: To swim full breaststroke and butterfly. To put into practice a series of advanced drills to further solidify great technique for all four strokes. To perform starts and turns.

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The Lenny K Way

"Our comprehensive, result driven SwimRight method emphasizes water safety as a foundation and proper body position techniques as the fundamental components of becoming water safer and learning to swim".
Lenny Krayzelburg

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