This type of lesson is necessary for infants and students who are not water-safe and require more attention. It is also recommended for older students with extreme anxiety or behavior that is not conducive to group lessons. Once the anxiety or behavior is overcome, the older student can fit happily into a group lesson.​

At the Learn to Swim Class, the instructor is always in the water with the student, to provide security, comfort, and full attention. ​

Class Size: 1 x 1

A SwimSafe Program Class Category:

The core purpose of SwimSafe program at SwimRight Academy is to teach and inspire children and adults to be water safe. By using our uniquely developed SwimRight Method, we do just that. The SwimRight Method is a learn-to-swim curriculum that uses the swim, float, swim technique as its foundation. Before teaching any of the actual strokes, the SwimRightMethod focuses on providing children with the knowledge required to be confident and safe in and around the water. Not only does this provide the proper body positioning for learning the strokes later on, but it gives children the ultimate tool for saving themselves in an emergency.