Private Swim Lessons
in Miami

Private swim lessons are useful for any age student, from infants to kids to adults, who may require more attention in the water if they are not water safe. Private lessons are also recommended for older students with extreme anxiety or behavior that is not conducive to group lessons.

The SwimRight Method

Using the SwimRight® Method, we utilize the swim-float-swim technique as the foundation of our swimming lessons and focus on providing our students with the knowledge of confidence and safety in and around the water.

Private lessons are perfect for:
Students who will benefit from one-on-one teaching:
    • anxious first-time swimmers
    • students with special needs
    • adults who have been putting off learning to swim



Advantage over group classes

Our warm water pools help kids gain confidence in the water while avoiding the fear and distractions that sometimes accompany large, overcrowded swim classes.

Our approach

We believe learning to swim and improving your swimming ability should be enjoyable. Private swim lessons are personalized to each student's needs, whether to become safe and confident around the water or to compete at a pro-level.


Make memories with your family and friends at the beach or at a backyard pool party with the gift of water safety!

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The Lenny K Way

"Our comprehensive, result driven SwimRight method emphasizes water safety as a foundation and proper body position techniques as the fundamental components of becoming water safer and learning to swim".

Lenny Krayzelburg



"My son (8yo) had a high level of anxiety about swimming but within a few months his teacher (Oscar) had him loving swimming and looking forward to lessons..."

Julia Grant

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