This type of swim class is good for children in the Floaters level or above who can follow direction and work effectively in a group situation. For most students, this is the ideal swimming lesson structure. We make every attempt to group students of comparable ability, as well as maturity and compatibility, together. As the best swim school in Los Angeles, SwimRight Academy is here to work with you and your kids regardless of their skill level. This totally immersive group swim class is the perfect way to help get everyone’s toes wet–not cold!

Our swimming lessons for kids in Los Angeles, West Hills, and Santa Monica, CA, are specifically designed to engage swimmers of all ages through structured swim classes with a strong foundation in water safety. We start with simple exercises to get Floaters comfortable submerging their heads and slowly build up that tolerance and confidence through the course work.

So, why not grab those suits and trunks and hop in our pool?

Class Size: 4 x 1
Duration: 25 min