This type of swimming lesson is necessary for infants and students who are not water safe and who may require more attention. Private swimming lessons are also recommended for older students with extreme anxiety about the water or behavior that is not conducive to group swim class environments. Once the anxiety or behavior is overcome, the older student can fit happily into a group swim glass.

Living on the West Coast Los Angeles, West Hills, or Santa Monica CA, it makes sense to want to learn to swim, and even more sense to enroll your children into either baby swim classes or kids’ swim lessons. Or, why not splash in the pool with them with our Parent-Tot Program? Regardless of the curriculum you choose to follow, our swim instructors will work with you and your family to ensure everyone has a safe and comfortable time around the water. Starting them in swimming lessons young will help get your family conscious of water safety, not only near pools but when you’re lounging out at the beach too.

Class Size: 1 x 1
Duration: 15 min