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The Lenny K inspired environment, where every swimmer can discover the full potential as an athlete. The SwimRight method is founded by the 4-time Olympic Champion Lenny Krayzelburg, taught by the team of professional competitive athletes and managed by pros with a greater influence in the world swimming community.

We do not hesitate to say that our familiarity with each and every single splash in competitive swimming, and our love and passion for teaching gives us the ability to offer our community the unique access to all the benefits swimming has to offer.

Team Types

Using the SwimRight® Method, we utilize the swim-float-swim technique as the foundation of our swimming lessons and focus on providing our students with the knowledge of confidence and safety in and around the water


Training athletes to achieve high and consistent results through the complex improvement of all aspects of swim training.


Supplies further development of physical qualities and functional readiness. Encourages improvement of swimming methods techniques. Ensures improvement of special mental qualities achieving competitive experience, and leads to increasing sports results.


Harmonious development of physical qualities, general physical fitness, strong-willed, moral qualities of the individual, the formation of desire for doing sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Head Coached by Nazarii Kosylo

  • Participant of 1st Europe Olympic Games.
  • 2-times All American.
  • Ukrainian National Champion and the Member of Ukrainian National Swimming Team.

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“My favorite part of that... is the people, and the coaches. They are so nice and wonderful... It's been a really good experience of being here!“

Nicole Ran

“I think it's important to teach our children to swim, because it teaches us resilience, it gives positive attitude. My son always loved swimming since he was a little baby, and we just love all the instructors!“

Julia Grant